The Fireboy And Watergirl Series

With five games in the series so far, the Fireboy and Watergirl series has seen a significant amount of success in the past few years. With what each of the titles offers, it’s easy to see why, as each offers a large number of puzzles and levels to get through, many of which can be quite challenging to overcome. Despite the degree of difficulty that many people may see with the games, this starts relatively easily and allows players to learn as they go. As such, the learning curve on offer with the titles isn’t as steep as many people may think.

In the games, players take control of the titular characters to overcome a variety of obstacles, with the end goal of this varying depending on which franchise entry is being played. Regardless of title, the games have a stylish design that enhances the puzzles that need to be solved while also offering a variety of attractive visuals. Throughout each game, players will need to have their thinking caps on, especially during the later levels, as each puzzle will get progressively more difficult.

While many people may see this as somewhat offputting, it’s something that shouldn’t do so. The primary reason for this is that each of the games should give players everything they need to overcome the situation at hand. Though a certain amount of time will be required for each puzzle, there’s nothing in the games that should be overly challenging for even the youngest of players.

Throughout many of the levels, players will have to control Fireboy and Watergirl simultaneously, which adds an extra layer of difficulty to the games. While this will mean that players will need a certain amount of hand-eye coordination, this can become quite easy after a few levels. Alongside this is the fact that many of the early levels are designed to allow players to get the hang of using two characters at once.

Much of this will focus on getting both characters to cooperate with each other to overcome a puzzle. An example of this would be to place Watergirl on a pressure plate while moving Fireboy through a now-open door to pull a lever, which will then allow both characters to progress. Alongside this is a multiplayer component, which will enable players to connect with their friends and play as a team. This is an aspect that could make many of the later levels much easier.

However, this doesn’t mean that players teaming up with friends will have too easy of a time with each of the levels that are available. In contrast, there has been a large selection of levels designed solely for cooperative play, which should add an extra layer of difficulty, regardless of who is playing.

As such, the Fireboy and Watergirl franchise can be enjoyed either on your own or with friends, with the series providing a large amount of enjoyment with both styles of play. This could make it a recommended choice for kids above the age of 6.